About the Artist

DC _ Park Portrait 

I Love Photography!

I have been an avid fan and practitioner since my childhood immersion in Life, Ebony and Jet magazines on my parents living room floor in Washington, DC. Photography has been a constant in my life since. In my early twenties, I moved to San Francisco with the goal of becoming a world class photographer. I am an East Coast born & raised and West Coast synthesized art photographer. I bring forward creative sensibilities from both coasts in my artwork; such as intent, beauty, imagination and freestyle. I have photographed, published and/or exhibited works that include botanicals, historical figures, architectural icons, motor racing and abstracts.


Light Painting

I became fascinated with how we interact with light and light interacts with us. This led me to begin manipulating light in my photographs, or what is known as "Light Painting." I've created a body of work using this technique to capture light in motion.



After producing fine art prints for collectors, I have expanded to producing my work on athletic apparel. This decision reflects my interest and participation, over my lifetime, in various athletic activities including gymnastics, swimming, cycling, running and Tae Kwon Do. The energy and flow of my light paintings is a natural complement to the human body in motion.


I hope you will find DCTees.co Art Athletic Apparel to be "must haves" whether you are an abstract art lover, active athlete or simply want to be radiant in your life.


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Duane Conliffe